If I Can

Role: Composer / Sound Designer

Company: Palimpsest

A major new National Trust commission, performed at William Morris’ Red House, Winter 2016.

A dark, gothic antidote to the Yuletide candlelit backdrop.

Atmospheric, ghostly and unspeakably sad, If I Can is a narrative poem, fusing the extant shards of poetry and prose of those Pre-Raphaelites that built and embellished Red House.

Covering themes of loss and longing in the 1860s, the production is presented through an innovative new form; an audio drama delivered by MP3 player. The audience will range around this Arts and Crafts gem, free to roam at will, drink in hand.

The property will be populated by Palimpsest actors, in character and in costume. You will choose whom to follow as their lives spool out; as if the very walls could speak and give up their secrets..

Written by Katherine Tozer with music & sound by John Chambers.