Role: Composer / Sound Designer

Company: Fine Line Productions

July 2016 / Ongoing

“Ever felt the walls getting closer? … you’re looking for a way out, a way to somewhere…
But those walls…”

The distance between us can grow without taking a single step.
But no matter how far you travel you can never get away from yourself.

Stephen, recently separated and heading towards divorce, bumps into an old friend on the journey to a job interview. By the end of the day he has killed himself.

A complex recent past, and a fragile present, collide as Stephen tries to make sense of the world around him and his place within it. We hurtle headlong into Stephen’s chaotic and troubled inner life, as the everyday encounter unravels into something dark, disturbing, and unrestrained.

The Distance Between Us is a powerful and contemporary story, raising important issues surrounding mental health.

Writer | Alex McSweeney
Director | Matthew Cullum

The Distance Between Us