The Cherry Orchard

John Chambers composed the score for The Cherry Orchard in 2018. A new adaptation of the Anton Chekhov play for BBC Drama on 3, written by Katherine Tozer and directed by Toby Swift.

“Ranyevskya returns to the family estate after five years in Paris to face seemingly insurmountable debts. Local businessman Lopakhin is keen to offer her a way out, but there’ll be a price to pay.”

The Cherry Orchard, starring Emma Fielding and Neil Dudgeon, was made BBC Drama of the Week.

A train speeds through big open country, and songs fill a once empty house: then, a strange sound echoes across the cherry orchard, filling listeners with dread. This wonderful adaptation of Chekhov’s drama is an intense audio experience. ★★★★★

Daily Mail Weekend Review
Theme from ‘The Cherry Orchard’