Out Of The Cage


I will be composer and sound designer for ‘Out Of The Cage’, which receives it’s world premiere in July at the Rose Theatre Kingston, as part of the International Youth Arts Festival. Written and directed by my friend Alex McSweeney, with movement by Simon Pittman, it promises to be an exciting piece of theatre.

“London, March 1916, a group of women have a momentous decision to make. A searing cry for justice and equality set against the backdrop Zeppelin raids and TNT poisoning. This award winning ensemble presents the world premier of Out of the Cage, a play about the lives of a group of munitionettes risking their lives to fight for King and country.”

“We ain’t goin’ back, we’re movin’ on

We’re pullin’ the plug

These roarin’ machines’ll grind to halt

We’re standin’ by our lathes

We’re makin’ our demands

Equal rights. Equal pay”

Click here for more info, and to purchase tickets.

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